Best Baby Monitor 2017 – 4 Baby Monitors Reviewed

Having a babysitter during the day is possible, though expensive. Having a 24-hour nanny is something else especially when the baby monitoring function can be outsourced to a basic gadget like the baby monitor. The Best baby monitor to use when trying to know what is going on with a sleeping toddler generally depends on priorities and scenario. While for each scenario, there might be a number of fitting sets of equipment, the best fitting set is then chosen. Here listed below are some of the overall general best baby monitoring gadgets.

Best Baby Monitor 2017

In this review, we are going to help you decide on the best baby monitor that’s currently available on the market. To keep things super simple for you, we have created a list for you to look over, to help you choose the baby monitor that will fulfill your parenting needs.So, no more talking, let’s look at the best baby monitors 2017.

1. Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Baby Monitor

The Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Baby Monitor is a unique type of baby monitor that transmit the audio signal from the baby’s room to the listening piece. The angel care company has been into baby care for over 15 years and with this wealth of experience, they offer a very unique product that has been tested over time.

The range of range indicator incase of loss of communication between the pair. It is a very sensitive baby monitor and detects every movement within a period of 20 seconds if there is no movement, you will get an alert also. This has saved the lives of countless toddlers in times of loss of breathing. It is no surprise that most people do recommend this product and even on the most basic research, most people find this product highly recommended.

The Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound baby monitor has an awesome rating of 4.5 out of over 1000 reviews from buyers. In the world of recommendation, it does not get better than this. This product is very nice and comes highly recommended.

2. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Monitor

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Monitor is a special baby monitor that uses the digital enhanced cordless technology (DECT) to detect and relays your toddler’s slightest sounds to the handheld monitor.

The monitor is simple to set up and use feature a 2-way communication system with a range of 300 metres and also comes with volume control and at night, it enables the parent to soothe the baby from another room and to reassure parents from afar. The parent unit has a clear LCD display showing the ambient temperature, with a rechargeable stand, auto-channel select, a sound level indicator and a connection to the mains.

This product comes with a good user recommendation also of 4.0 from a confirmed purchase user of close to 400. This product is a very goto product that is worth trying out. It comes with a ringer too just in case one pair is missing, the other pair can be used to ring up the missing one. This product also comes with a temperature sensor to detect the temperature of the baby’s room.

3. BT 300 Digital Baby Monitor

The BT 300 Digital Baby Monitor comes with a very stylish design and has an attractive colour to it. The parent unit is portable and it comes with an awesome range of 300 meters. This range allows for effective communication and also for very strong audio signals anywhere around the typical home.

It comes with a two-way communication system with night-light. The pricing is also very economical given the functionality it is offering. The Audio quality is very nice and it is high definition. There are a couple of other subtly added advantages like the long main cable, which means that the position of the unit can be easily changed. The system comes with a temperature sensor too that warns of extreme temperature around the baby. The BT 300 Digital Baby Monitor has proven to be quite durable with time as it keeps working well for a long time.

There is an awesome battery unit, which gives a great battery life. With the compact design and the awesome range, this product keeps making customers happy by delivering effectively.

4. Baby Monitors, SUNLUXY Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Lullabies

The Baby Monitors, SUNLUXY Digital Audio Baby Monitor comes packed with all functionalities. The system is highly reliable and has a good quality of Audio. The audio system comes with a number of lullabies to soothe the baby, which can be controlled remotely.

The system features a sturdy design that is compact and easy to set up. The design is nice and colourful. The system comes with night-light and a two–way audio system. The two-way audio system allows for communication over the system from one unit to the other. Temperature monitoring system that comes with it helps to make sure that the room temperature does not cross the standard threshold for which the baby’s comfort will be affected. It comes with an “Out of range warning system” and a soft music playback.

This baby monitor comes well recommended with a 4.3 rating out of close to 200 confirmed users. This product is nice and comes well recommended; it is a good buy for the functionalities it supports.

Final Word – Our Conclusion

To enjoy the night as much as possible without having to suffer the toddler crippling hours of the unattended crying period, it is important to have the best baby monitor. The baby monitor will typically alert the parent or babysitter in case of any incident requiring the presence of the parent or babysitter.

There are a number of technologies employed from the movement sensor to the sound sensor and temperature sensor, all working together to make sure that the baby has a pleasant time. It is important therefore to get the best baby monitor for the baby.

We hope this list has helped you on deciding which baby monitor is for you.

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