Best Double Electric Breast Pump 2017 – 4 Double Electric Breast Pump Reviewed

Getting the best double electric breast pump is very important given the advantage that comes with it. The double electric breast pump is a two-way simultaneous breast pump that gets milk out of the breast of a lactating mother through suction. In most cases, natural baby suction rhythm is simulated so as to get the best yield.

Double Electric Breast Pump

Best Double Electric Breast Pump 2017

The main advantage of the double breast pump is the ability to work optimally through simultaneous suction of both breasts. Giving a double yield especially when compared with a single electric breast pump. This saves time, which is what busy mothers wanted, and also the main reason for purchase of a breast pump in the first place.

Below are some great breast pump which have stood the test of time and use:

1. Ameda Purely Yours Lactaline Double Electric Breast Pump

The Ameda Purely Yours Lactaline Double Electric Breast pump is a delicately nice breast pump that works double electric breast pumpefficiently. The design gives double pump which can work, as needed either simultaneously or one at a time depending on what is needed.

It’s versatile and comes with 32 combination settings. With its good suction and adjustable speed, it does the job efficiently while remaining discreet in the fact that it is quite silent. It uses battery power and can also be used directly. Even though it is double-faceted, it can still easily fit in a backpack. The Ameda Purely Yours Lactaline Double Electric Breast is easy to use and clean.

Since it comes with two pumps that can work together at the same time, it means that time is optimised with 2 cups being filled for same time to use single pump version.

It’s well recommended with an aggregate of 4.2 rating out of around 200 confirmed buyers. It comes with airlocks too that can stop air from mixing with the milk. The difference in rate to a single pump version given the small price difference makes it worth buying.

2. Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breastpump with Calma

The Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breastpump is a compact well researched all round product that gives the best double electric breast pumpsatisfaction. It comes with a good compact design that can easily fit into any pack for comfortable transportation.

With a 2 phase expression of stimulation and outright expression, it gives a most natural baby suction action as found in the natural. The stimulation being a rapid light suction and after that a slow deeper sucking action. This double breast pump stimulates high-energy milk, which stimulates lactation the more.

It is extremely easy to clean, comfortable to use. It comes with a hands-free attachment, which guarantees that busy mothers can do other things while hooked on this pump. However saying that it comes a bit on the high side; the value delivered is worth it at the end of the day.

3. Philips AVENT SCF334/02 Comfort Twin Electric Breast Pump

The Philips AVENT SCF334/02 Comfort Twin Electric Breast pump is a unique 3-mode pump which comes with double electric breast pumpquite a lot of functionality. At the crust of the design of the product is the comfort of mothers while also optimising on functionality. With a  very comfortable design, it also has a nice pumping position. It features 3 pump settings with a gentle stimulation mode for a comfortable and optimal pump experience. It has a soft massage cushion with warm velvety feel, which helps in the simulation of the natural suckling pattern of a baby.

It has a well thought through design, which is compatible with quite a number of other accessories outside this model’s design. It is easy to setup for use and after use, easy to clean. This comes at with a compact design that is easy to carry about without being cumbersome. The build quality is very nice and comes well recommended as a great product. This twin electric breast pump delivers up to expectation. It is also a product of choice when it comes to a mother’s comfort. Optimal delivery is the major point of concern in the search for a great double electric breast pump.

4. Arya Hands Free Double Electric Breast Pump

This product is packed with a lot of functionalities at an unbeatable rate. The Arya Hands-Free Double Electric double electric breast pumpBreast Pump is a great hospital grade double pump. That has so many unique features, one of which is the anti-backflow functionality keeping out fungi and bacteria from infecting the milk.

The product also features a hands-free support. Which is a great advantage to help you multitask such as caring for the baby or even typing away at the computer keyboard. A soft silicon breast cushion makes sure that there is a secure fit and snug feel while pumping away.

It is very quiet and even while using besides a sleeping baby; it will not wake the baby. The pack is also light and can be used with ease without feeling too uncomfortable with heavy weight. It comes as a very economic choice while also delivering on its core functionality efficiently and with such finesse that


Final Thoughts, Our Conclusion

The search for the best double electric breast pump which offers great advantages on optimisation of time and great comfort for the mother is a priority. Having a list of what they are capable of in terms of durability, functionality, easy of use and time-saving features, will help to decide which will best fit your needs.

All these attributes are well laid out in a number of products and the choice is always left to the buyer to make. Above listed are some great examples, each has its own unique advantage from the economic ones to general purpose and the ones for optimal comfort.

Go for the one that’s fits your needs best .

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